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AMADEE-24: Test and promote products or services in a space analog environment in 2023/2024

The Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) is opening an opportunity for the space and non-space industry to benefit from the cutting-edge AMADEE-24 Mars simulation mission for testing products and services. You will work with world-leading space researchers in a highly professional high-tech as well as extreme environment to explore the limits of your hardware or services. You will discover new stories and applications to promote your products. Prepare your product for a future in space and/or promote it on Earth!


In 2024, the OeWF, will conduct its 14th Mars simulation mission. A carefully selected crew of six analog astronauts will conduct research and test technology in preparation for a future human Mars mission. Backed by a Mission Support Center in Austria, the crew will focus on human factors, robotics, engineering, and geoscience during the one-month mission.

AMADEE-24 will not only generate a wealth of science data and explore innovative methods for human-robotic collaboration, but it will also receive a lot of international media visibility. As an example we refer to the previous mission in the Israel Negev Desert in October 2020.

In addition to the desert operations during the mission, there will also be a European activity, connected to the “Communale 2023” in Peuerbach, Austria. In preparation for the AMADEE-24 expedition, an exhibition organised by the Federal State of Upper Austria, accompanied by a professional media campaign, will excite the general public for the next simulated Mars mission.

We are inviting industrial partners to use the AMADEE-24 mission for product testing and marketing.

Examples of previous industrial cooperations (non-space)


The Swiss watch manufacturer is the official timekeeper of the Austrian Space Forum’s AMADEE expeditions, designing and manufacturing a limited edition of luxury watches for each mission – traditionally sold out in record time.

The leading German manufacturer of high-end WIFI communication hardware has been part of the AMADEE expeditions for over a decade. They provide the infrastructure for a secure connection for the field units, including the spacesuits, rovers, and support personnel.


Providing an autonomous waste disposal system using human metabolites and greywater for a six-person crew during the AMADEE-20 expedition.

What can you expect?

  • A unique test environment: harsh desert environment, cutting edge science-in-the-making. A technical and visual outlook into the first human-robotic Mars mission.
  • Extraordinary photo and video opportunities!
  • A exceedingly professional testing and evaluation ecosystem
  • A strong message to your customers: We are part of a highly innovative sneak-peak into the future. Our products meet the highest standards.

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