Academic Thesises

at the Austrian Space Forum

Each year, the Austrian Space Forums hosts students for the final thesis at their respective universities – often in combination with ongoing OeWF research projects. This allows for a combination of practical work in a fascinating work setting and an outstanding academic education. Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences from a national and international environment cooperate with the forum since 2009.

Interested in doing a BSc/MSc thesis at the Austrian Space Forum? – Than contact us via our application form – the more detailed your application is, the faster we are able to provide feedback if it is possible.

Student, University Year Thesis
Omar Filip El Sendiouny, BSc-Thesis, Technical University Vienna, Austria 2021 Voice communication system for a spacesuitsimulator
Sarah Madlener, BSc-Thesis, University of Innsbruck 2020 Determination of shielding properties of spacesuit materials with Gate Simulations
Sebastian Sams, MSc-Thesis, University of Innsbruck 2020 System Architecture for a Planetary SurfaceSpace Suit Simulator
Benedikt Stingl, BSc-Thesis, Technical University Vienna 2019 Development of a Load Carriage System for Mars analogue missions
Dominik Metzner, BSc-Thesis, Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt 2018 Entwicklungsplanung eines Raumanzug Simulators für Marsmissionen
Stefanie Garnitschnig, BSc-Thesis, University of Innsbruck 2018 Development of a supportive method for the detection of
biomarkers during future human-robotic Mars missions
Michael Stradner, MSc-Thesis, Graz University of Technology, Austria 2018 A 3D Mapping and Exploration System for an Autonomous Rover
Anjana Jegatheesan, MSc-Thesis, Lulea Technical University, Sweden 2018 Development of a Rear-Entry spacesuit concept
Maximilian Lell, MSc-Thesis (Mechatronics), University of Innsbruck & UMIT 2018 Development of a Gesture Control system for the Aouda spacesuit simulator
Sophie Gruber, BSc-Thesis (Physics), University of 2017 Lifespan of water ice in caves on Mars
Drew Masters, MSc Programme on Space Physiology, Kings College London 2016 Development of Aouda.X Spacesuit Caution and Warning SystemAlgorithms for Mars Analogue Mission Extravehicular Activity:Monitoring Thermal Stress, Workload, and Fatigue
Ragnar Pétur Kristjánsson, MSc Programm on Space Physiology, Kings College London 2016 Developing a Caution and Warning System Monitoring Cardiorespiratory Functioning in an AnalogueAstronautduring Extravehicular Activity
Thomas Bartenstein, BSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2015 Application Front-End for Monitoring and Control Software for the Aouda.X Spacesuit Simulator
Sebastian Sams, BSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2015 Application Framework for Monitoring and Control Software for the Aouda.X Spacesuit Simulator
Angela Schlerf, MSc-Thesis, Technical University Munic/ ESPACE master programme 2015 Radiation Model for the AOUDA.X Spacesuit Simulator on Mars
Viktoria Koch, MSc-Thesis, Technical University Munic 2014 Biomedical Data Simulation for the Aouda.X Spacesuit Simulator
Tayor Moyer, MSc Programme on Space Physiology, Kings College London 2014 Physiological Workloads during the MARS 2013 Analogue Mission: A Case Study
Markus Dissertori, BSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2014 Implementation of a Geolocation & Guidance Tool for the Aouda.X Spacesuit Simulator
Séverine Van Ophem, IRP, International Space University 2014 Biomedical Risk Assessment for Human Mars Missions
Christoph Ragonig, MSc-Thesis, College Mittweida 2013 GPS-freies Navigationskonzept für die bodengebundene planetare Exploration
Sebastian Hettrich, MSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2012 Human-Robotic Mars Science Operations: Itinerary Optimisation for Surface Activities
Franz Schickermüller, BSc-Thesis, Johannes-Kepler University Linz 2012 Speech recognition for spacesuits
Alexandra Iordachescu, BSc-Thesis, University of Manchester 2012 Investigating the Behaviour of Bacteria Inside a Spacesuit Simulator to Predict Crew Contamination in Future Space Missions
Julia Heuritsch, BSc-Thesis, University Vienna 2011 Statistical evaluation of contamination vectors during EVAs
Anna Kluibenschedl, BSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2011 Contamination vectors an issue in the human exploration of extraterrestrial planets examined during the PolAres Project
Sara Alejandra Sans Fuentes, MSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2011 Human-Robotic Mars Science Operations: Target Selection Optimization via Traverse and Science Planning
Oliver Hauser, BSc-Thesis, University Innsbruck 2009 BioShield and Dust Buster for the Aouda Space Suit Simulator in the PolAres research programme

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