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Together we pave the way for future human Mars missions

The Austrian Space Forum allows to live the passion for space. Our projects are grouped into four core themes:

  • We conduct interdisciplinary and internationally competitive research: This includes engaging and publishing in the fields of space sciences, Mars analog research, Earth observation and astrobiology.
  • We provide an interface for the Austrian space community: As an independent citizen-science organization, we build bridges within the sector.
  • We initiate, support and connect careers: Our student internships are often a first step for young people in the fields of space sciences.
  • We build and fly, we explain and inspire: From water rocket workshops for pre-school kids to evening events on current space topics, we do not shy away from bringing space closer to young and old in an understandable, entertaining fashion.

Thanks to the effort and trust of numerous individuals, companies, research institutes and the public sector, the Forum has established itself as the Austrian space network. Through our scientific missions and publications, we could establish a remarkable reputation in the field of Mars analog research for ourselves, especially as a volunteer organization.

Your contribution counts!

With your contribution, you help moving humanity a little closer to the red planet. I am deeply convinced that the first human to leave his or her foot prints on Mars has already been born.

Thank you
Dr. Gernot Grömer
OeWF president

Support our projects!

Our projects would not be possible without the support of highly motivated, qualified (and voluntary) members, who are the heart of our organization. With your financial contribution, you support all of these voluntary projects.

First Contact Program

An important objective of the Austrian Space Forum is for young people in our society to get in contact with space research and to experience natural sciences in a new, entertaining manner. Support us with your contribution and enable, for example, a school class to participate in a water rocket workshop.

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Praktikantin Sophie Gruber

Junior Researcher Fund

We supervise academic theses of students and create voluntary research internship positions for national and international students. With your contribution, you can enable a workshop participation, for example.


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MARS2013 Salzsee (c) ÖWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)

Mars analog research

Do you think that it is about time for humans to explore Mars? The Austrian Space Forum is one of five groups in the world which studies concrete technologies to prepare for the greatest journey of our generation. With your contribution, you allow scientific teams to have their experiments participate in our Mars simulations.


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Other ways to support us

  • Invite a space expert to your regional club: the Austrian Space Forum and many other organizations offer speakers to give talks -often self-funded- in your local adult education centers, city libraries or community halls – Talk to us!
  • Talk with the teacher of your children, the kindergarten teacher of your little nephew and the team lead of your regional scout club: How about a “space day” (e.g. on a space anniversary?) with a water rocket workshop, an expert talk or an evening stargazing party with telescopes in your local amateur astronomer club?
"It was really fun catch glimpses of the OeWF speakers working with students at our elementary school out of the corner of my eye - I very rarely see so many, enthusiastic, curious. and motivated children's faces!"
"...breathtaking images and scientific insights - combined with rich and vivid storytelling."

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