AMADEE-20 Mars simulation

B etween 15Oct-15Nov2020, the Austrian Space Forum – in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency as the host agency and D-MARS – will conduct an integrated Mars analog field mission in the Negev Desert in Israel. The expedition will be carried out in a Martian terrestrial analog and directed by a dedicated Mission Support Center in Austria. A small field crew of highly trained analog astronauts with spacesuit simulators will conduct experiments preparing for future human and robotic Mars exploration missions.

Simulating Mars Human-robotic surface activities in terrestrial analogs has evolved into an efficient tool for developing exploration mission architectures. They facilitate to understand the advantages and limitations of future Human planetary missions, becoming an added value for the development of remote science operations, helping to understand the constraints and opportunities of the technology and workflows

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 The AMADEE-20 test site

The test site is located in the Negev desert in southern Israel within the erosion structures of the Ramon Crater: Although not an impact crater, but a rare form of erosion structures, it has a resemblance to various Mars surface features, and a variety of terrain types relevant to Mars exploration. The test site offers a wide range of sand and rocky surfaces combined with a broad variability in inclination. The test site could be compared to the Vallis Marineris structure on Mars.  The nearest city is Mitzpe Ramon. Expected temperatures at the test site in November typically range between 10-20°C with low chance of precipitation.

AMADEE-20 test site Israel

AMADEE-20 test site / Negev Desert, Israel

Mission architecture

AMADEE operation infographic
Figure 1: Conceptual architecture of the AMADEE-20 expedition: A 10min time delay reflects the signal travel time between Earth and Mars. The Mission Support Center in Innsbruck/Austria is the single-line-of-contact between “Earth” and “Mars”.


  • Jan2019: Announcement of Opportunity released
  • 04Mar2019: Submission deadline for experiment proposals
  • 15Apr2019: Notification of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance
  • May2019: AMADEE-20 Science Definition Workshop
  • Nov2019:  Experiment interactions defined, preliminary mission definition, release of the first iteration for the AMADEE-20 Mission Manifest (the main expedition planning reference document)
  • Jun2020: Hardware arrives in Innsbruck/Austria
  • Jul-Sep2020: 3 (tbc) Dress Rehearsals, Innsbruck/Austria
  • Sep2020: Shipping to target site starts
  • 15Oct-15Nov2020: Field Mission
  • Dec2020-Jan2021: Return of hardware to Innsbruck, shipping back to home institutions
  • May2021 (tbd): AMADEE-20 Science & Technology Workshop (location tbd)

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AMADEE-20, Israel