Projects before 2015

a look back at our early projects

Blick von der Stratosphäre (34 km) zur Erde

Passepartout Sherpa

The OeWF’s high-tech stratospheric balloon. The passepartout stratosphere balloon system has been developed for flights up to 30-40km height. The specifically developed payload pod could carry experiments of up to 1.2kg into the stratosphere, as well as send telemetric data and follow commands from a ground station.

World Space Week 2013

“Exploring Mars. Discovering Earth” was a campaign of networked Mars analog demonstrations to celebrate World Space Week (WSW) 2013 from 4-10 October 2013. The events were coordinated from the WSW 2013 Mission Control Center, located at the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in Innsbruck, Austria.

Schiff "LAGOON 440"

Transatlantic Challenge 2007

Isolation experiments at sea. In November 2007, a 6-person crew started out on a Katameran in a month-long sailing adventure from La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast in the direction of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. On board: Human factors research experiments of the OeWF,

Adama Experiment 2014

Adama-Experiment during ESA Parabolic Flight campaign

Emergency Managment during Zero-G Schwerelosigkeit. An internationales Team of young scientist participated in the 37th ESA Parabolic flight campaign in Bordeaux, France. They successfully conducted comparative studies for airway management for the first time during Zero-G.

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