OeWF Advent Mini-Series #1:  Spacesuit Systems Part 1

Advent season is the perfect time to stay at home, make a cup of tea or coffee and learn more about our field of space science. Every Advent Sunday will post one new episode of our OeWF Space Exploration mini-series produced by Space Challenges, a free educational program

Episode 1: “Spacesuit Systems – Part 1”

Dr. Gernot Groemer explores how spacesuit systems have been developed, what were the main design drives and what you need to take care of once you design a spacesuit system.

Happy 1st advent #ScienceSunday!

About Space Challenges:
Space Challenges is one of the biggest free Educational Program in the fields of space science and exponential technologies in Europe. The program is developed in partnership with “America for Bulgaria” Foundation and Trust partner “Telenor Bulgaria” www.spaceedu.net

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